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diffoscope 215 released

03 Jun 2022 — Chris Lamb

The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 215. This version includes the following changes:

[ Chris Lamb ]
* Bug fixes:
  - Also catch IndexError (in addition to ValueError) when parsing .pyc
    files. (Closes: #1012258)
  - Strip "sticky" etc. from "x.deb: sticky Debian binary package […]".
    Thanks to David Prévot for the report. (Closes: #1011635)
  - Correctly package diffoscope's scripts/ directory, fixing the extraction
    of vmlinuz kernel images. (Closes: reproducible-builds/diffoscope#305)
  - Correct the logic for supporting different versions of argcomplete in

* New features:
  - Support both PyPDF 1.x and 2.x.

* Codebase improvements:
  - Don't call re.compile and then call .sub on the result; just call
    re.sub directly.
  - Clarify the logic around the difference between --usage and --help.

* Testsuite improvements:
  - Integrate test coverage with GitLab's concept of artifacts.
  - Re-enable Gnumeric tests as its now available again.
  - Test --help and --usage, and additionally test that --help includes
    the programmatically-generated file format list as well.

[ Holger Levsen ]
* Bump Standards Version field in debian/control to 4.6.1.

You find out more by visiting the project homepage.

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