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diffoscope 268 released

24 May 2024 — Chris Lamb

The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 268. This version includes the following changes:

[ Chris Lamb ]
* Drop apktool from Build-Depends; we can still test our APK code
  via autopkgtests. (Closes: #1071410)
* Fix tests for 7zip version 24.05.
* Add a versioned dependency for at least version 5.4.5 for the xz
  tests; they fail under (at least xz 5.2.8).
  (Closes: reproducible-builds/diffoscope#374)

[ Vagrant Cascadian ]
* Relax Chris' versioned xz test dependency (5.4.5) to also allow
  version 5.4.1.

You find out more by visiting the project homepage.

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